<Tell Them I Said Hello>, 2017-19

ㅡ exhibited and collected by Life Framer Gallery
ㅡ Winning Image Award by Life Framer Gallery
ㅡ partially exhibited in Praxis Art Gallery, MN, USA
ㅡ featured in PAPER Magazine
I was 19, when I came back to the United States since being a toddler.
I did not speak what everyone spoke. I knew no one. People in the small town noticed me by my color. Koreans born and raised in America thought I was too ‘Korean’. People back home thought I was too ‘American’. I was neither one of them nor one of us.

The physical and emotional distance between two homes never resolved. However, learning to cope with a sense of alienation enabled me to see others undergo their own.

The eclectic black and white photographs in <Tell Them I Said Hello> reflect such emotions. No images in the series fully show a face of a person. This signifies the perception I lived. I never felt fully understood or wholeheartedly considered. Some nuances were always dismissed. The seemingly disjointed objects and people in the series portray the alienated in different settings. The loose strings among the photographs, as metaphors and firsthand testimonies, invite viewers to imagine their context of alienation. Despite disparity, true subject of the series reach the subtle struggles experienced as the vulnerable; the rejected; and the departed from and within.

This body of work is part of the ongoing 'Poem-ography' series, in which both poetry and photography are realized in one medium.
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