Jinwoo Hwon Lee

Monthly Photography Magazine, 2020 October Issue

근래 작업한 We Meet in the Past Tense 우리는 과거형으로 만난다 시리즈에 수록된 작품 "Silence of Doors"와 함께 허수경 시인의 산문집 "그대는 할 말을 어디에 두고 왔는가"의 일부를 소개하였어요.

Introduced sentences from Sookyung Huh's essay "Where have you left your unspoken words?" along with one of the photographs, "Silence of Doors" from We Meet in the Past Tense series

ISBN : 9771227151004
 ㅡ ISSN : 1227-1519

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